Sweet Kiwi Net Worth How To Become SweetKiwi Successful?

Sweetkiwi stands apart as more than just another frozen yogurt brand; its story of passion and innovation runs deep. Established by visionary entrepreneur Ehime Eigbe in 2011, Sweetkiwi has revolutionized what it means to indulge in frozen desserts – driven by Eigbe’s dedication to health and quality, she created an outstanding brand which stands out in an otherwise mundane marketplace.

What Has Been Happened During Sweetkiwi’s Shark Tank Episode?

Sweetkiwi made waves during Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 16. Known for their natural and nutritional approach to frozen yogurt, they sought an investment of $250,000 in exchange for a 5% equity stake that valued their business at a whopping $5 Million! Such confidence shows in both product quality as well as business model innovation.

How did Sweetkiwi Fair in Negotiations?

Sweetkiwi held an exciting negotiation session with Shark Robert Herjavec before striking a deal for investment of $250,000. Robert saw potential in Sweetkiwi, agreeing to invest 16% equity stake for that sum – upholding Eigbe’s initial valuation set out as part of this agreement. His investment marked an exciting new era for Sweetkiwi’s expansion and growth plans.

What Sets Sweetkiwi Yogurt Apart?

Sweetkiwi stands out for their commitment to both taste and health, offering frozen yogurt that not only delights your senses but is actually made up of nutritious ingredients containing proteins, fiber, probiotics and immune-enhancing superfoods for those interested in healthier indulgence. Furthermore, using fresh milk along with various superfood flavors adds something extra unique and special.

Where Can You Purchase Sweetkiwi Products?

Sweetkiwi products have expanded across the US market thanks to a deal with Shark Tank. Now more consumers can experience its unique combination of taste and health offered by Sweetkiwi!

How is Sweetkiwi Priced? In Sweetkiwi’s pricing strategy, affordability meets quality: its prices range between $38.99 to $58.99 so as to provide premium product that is accessible across consumers without breaking their budgets. This commitment to providing nutritious desserts without exceeding consumer budget is evident through their affordable offering of sweet treats from Sweetkiwi.

What Does Sweetkiwi Have Plan for Its Future?

Sweetkiwi’s impressive Shark Tank appearance and subsequent partnership agreement with Robert Herjavec is setting it on an incredible growth and innovation path. Thanks to increased capital and business expertise, Sweetkiwi plans on increasing its market reach while creating exciting new flavors, product offerings and perhaps even product lines of its own! Their journey serves as an inspirational example of how committing to quality and health can lead to success within an otherwise competitive food industry.


Sweetkiwi’s story on Shark Tank stands as proof of the power of strong branding, quality products, and smart business decisions. From humble beginnings in 2011 until their triumphant appearance as investors on the show in 2017, Sweetkiwi proved that with innovation, health consciousness, and business acumen combined together – success can indeed be attained! As Sweetkiwi continues its expansion and evolution in the frozen dessert market – keep an eye out!

Ehime Eigbe and Sweetkiwi have not just produced an innovative frozen dessert product; they have launched an important health-forward movement. Their story serves as an inspiring lesson: dedication, innovation and consumer health are essential ingredients of success – something any fan of Shark Tank should find both inspiring and motivating. Whether or not you love frozen yogurt yourself, Sweetkiwi’s tale makes for compelling reading – something everyone from fans of frozen yogurt lovers to entrepreneurs should admire and learn from!

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