Steven Morris Obituary Who was Steven Morris? What Is Cause Of Demise?

Steven Andrew Morris, born to Robert and Jeanine Pflager (deceased), passed away January 28, 2024 surrounded by love. His life served as an embodiment of family, friendship and kindness – values which would define who Steven would become as an adult.

What Was Steven’s Early Life Like?

Steven was fortunate to be born into an affectionate, close-knit family that included Colton, Gisele, Zoey and Janelle Pflager (married to Brad Bestine). Growing up together brought endless laughter and happiness for Steven; later becoming uncles for two nieces or nephews as he shared with them all the love he experienced as a child himself.

How has Steven Affected His Family?

Steven had an indelible mark on his family. Not only was he son and brother to Robert Pflager and Jeanine Pflager (deceased), he also provided strength and support as an important pillar. Leigh Solomon became part of their lives after Robert remarried Leigh Solomon who then joined Robert. Steven’s role as brother was unbreakably marked with camaraderie and solidarity between brothers that remains to this day.

What About Steven’s Personal Life?

Steven found love and companionship with Olivia, his beloved wife of 22 years. Their marriage was an example of mutual respect, love, and understanding; although their journey together may have ended sooner than expected; memories created will forever remain precious to both.

Who Were Steven’s Significant People in His Life?

Steven was truly fortunate to be blessed with an extensive family, beginning with Joyce Morris (widow of Gerald), Lenore Pflager, his uncle Gerald Morris and aunt Wendy Morris; alongside Blake Chouinard who always stood by him through thick and thin.

What Were Steven’s Interests and Hobbies?

Steven was an individual of varied interests and hobbies. Though never explicitly mentioned, his family and friends played an essential part in his life; no doubt sharing and enjoying their activities of leisure such as outdoor pursuits, athletic competition or artistic creativity together was important to Steven as well as themselves.

How Will Steven Be Remembered?

On Sunday, February 4th the community will come together in his memory at Chas. Verheyden Inc in Grosse Pointe Park from 12 Noon until his funeral at 3.00 pm for visitation and burial at 16300 Mack Ave Grosse Pointe Park. Guests and loved ones are welcome to share memories, express condolences, and honor Steven’s life at this gathering.

How Can People Remember Steven?

Steven’s family suggests sending flowers or planting a tree as an act of commemoration and tribute, to both honor his memory as well as contribute to creating his legacy. They encourage those wishing to do this to visit a florist store that specializes in floral tributes for maximum personalization of each gesture and ensure meaningful tributes are paid in return.

What Are the Implications of Planting a Tree in Steven’s Memory?

Planting a tree to honor Steven is an act that symbolizes life, growth and continuity. Watching its development symbolizes Steven’s lifelong passion for nature and optimism for a brighter, greener tomorrow; serving as an everlasting memorial and source of solace and reflection for his loved ones who knew and lost him.


Steven Andrew Morris’ life was one filled with love, family and friendship. While his sudden and untimely passing has left a gaping hole in our hearts, we honor and remember those he left behind through memories and bonds formed over 32 years of life he lived – celebrating everything he achieved and the many lives touched he touched during that time – his legacy will always remain fondly remembered by us all.

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