Miley Rhoades Obituary Miley Jade Has Passed Away What Has Been Going on With Miley Jade Rhoades?

Miley Jade Rhoades, fondly dubbed Little Jean, was born March 25, 2009, in Roosevelt, Utah to Chase and Tomi Thomas Rhoades and immediately loved as “perfect little butterball”, with beautiful, unique hair. Miley grew up happily within Tabiona valley’s serene environs – never wanting to leave this peaceful environment behind her!

What was Miley’s Life Like in Tabiona?

Tabiona’s peaceful yet natural surroundings were Miley’s haven; here she indulged her passions which lay deeply rooted in outdoor activities and sports; Miley played basketball passionately despite being small despite having incredible drive and skill despite having only played once before! Miley thrived here.

How Did Miley Relish the Outdoors?

mes Miley had an inextricable bond to nature. She enjoyed fishing trips and exploring the High Uintas with family and friends; these activities weren’t simply recreational pastimes – they reflected who she truly was as someone who appreciated nature. She herded cows alongside her grandfather while riding “Big Brute.” These activities weren’t mere frivolities either – they expressed who Miley truly was! She found great pleasure from spending her free time exploring outdoors.

What Interested Miley Apart From Basketball?

Miley was known for being an enthusiastic outdoors enthusiast who spent her spare time jumping on trampolines, riding bikes and helping out at farms. Her adventurous side matched perfectly with a caring social side; Miley quickly established friendships through her calm yet confident demeanor and enjoyed spending time outdoors.

How Did Miley Affect Her Family?

Miley brought joy and light into every family home she entered. As her mother’s “mini me”, Miley filled her mother with pride; Miley made everyone laugh with her mischievous smirk and ability to bring laughter out in others. Miley held an extraordinary relationship with both of her parents; many described Miley as being their favorite or having him “wrapped around their finger”. Miley’s radiant smile, thick locks, and freckled skin were characteristic features that brought light into every room she entered.

Who Are Miley’s Remaining Family Members?

Miley is survived by both Chase & Tomi Rhoades as well as siblings Mersadie Maycee MacKlee MaLayka Mycah Rhoades Rhoades’ grandparents Craig & Rosalyn Thomas as well as Ervan & Jan Rhoades as well as many aunts, uncles cousins & friends that shared deep bonds to Tabiona.

Remembering Miley Jade Rhoades, and Her Loss

Miley Jade Rhoades left an enormous void in Tabiona following her tragic UTV accident on May 30, 2023, reminding us how fragile life truly can be. Her passing serves as a poignant reminder that life must always be lived fully now or we might risk missing out altogether.

How Will Miley’s Life Be Honored?

Miley will be honored and remembered during her funeral service which will take place Monday, June 5, at 11:00 a.m. at Tabiona Ward Chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tabiona Ward Chapel. Additionally, viewings for community members on both Sunday morning and Monday morning at this church.

Following Miley Jade Rhoades’ funeral services, her remains will be laid to rest at Tabiona Cemetery as an everlasting testament of her life and joy she brought others.

Miley’s story serves as a poignant reminder of youth vibrancy and individual impact on communities. Her love for sports, nature and her family will forever remain remembered by all who knew her.

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