Matthew Spezza Obituary What Was Cause Of Demise & He Did Passes Away At Age 37

Matthew Roberto Spezza’s unexpected passing at 37 left an irreparable hole in our hearts on February 2, 2024, leaving behind loved ones heartbroken. Born October 14, 1986 in Mississauga Ontario, his life journey was distinguished by an unwavering commitment to family – evidenced in both heartfelt devotion as well as unfaltering loyalty – something his loved ones will miss greatly in reflecting back upon Matthew Roberto Spezza’s legacy of not just familial bonds but also unwavering commitment and caring. We celebrate Matthew’s life while remembering everything he brought into it all this life has given them all now – something they cannot get anywhere else: his legacy lives on!

Who Was Matthew Roberto Spezza?

Matthew Spezza was blessed to grow up in Mississauga within an affectionate family environment created by Rino and Donna Spezza. As brother to Jason (Jennifer) and Michelle (Corey), their relationships formed an indelible link that stood the test of time. Matthew took great pride in being uncle to Sophia, Nicola Anna Julia Charlie Rocco; an honor he proudly held onto through being Lucia Spezza’s grandson as well as Joan Hans Pilby’s late grandparent’s special place in his heart for both Joan Hans Pilby’s passing as his life long friend Maximus always there by his side through thick and thin.

What Will Matthew Be Remembered For?

Matthew leaves a lasting legacy through not just personal ties but also the virtues he upheld throughout his life. Well-known for his big heart and generous spirit, Matthew personified kindness and generosity – qualities which his loved ones found so comforting and relied upon him for. Always prioritising their wellbeing before his own, Matthew remains an exceptional individual whose memory will forever be treasured by us all.

How Can We Pay Our Respects?

The Spezza family invites their friends and loved ones to help celebrate Matthew’s life at Glendale Funeral Home on Wednesday February 7th from 4:00pm until 9:00 pm for visitation, before funeral services in Chapel on Thursday February 8th beginning at 12:00 p.m. with burial to follow at Glendale Memorial Gardens. These ceremonies provide an opportunity to come together as one and share memories, celebrate Matthew as one, and commemorate someone so important.

How Can We Remember Matthew?

As Matthew loved helping others and making an impactful difference in this world, his family requests donations be made in his memory to the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital instead. Donations will not only honor his life while simultaneously supporting a cause with far reaching effects – something Matthew himself valued greatly himself. Your contribution can continue the fight against cancer with Matthew’s own commitment of aiding others while creating change within society he lived by himself.

What legacy has Matthew left us?

Matthew Roberto Spezza’s legacy of love, kindness, and unfaltering devotion lives on in our memories as an example for how important family is and the power one person can wield through acts of kindness. By remembering Matthew we become inspired to uphold these same virtues so as to ensure his spirit continues influencing positive change around us all.

Matthew Roberto Spezza’s death comes as an immense sadness; but his memory will live on in all who were fortunate enough to know him. We mourn our lost friend while remembering all he taught us about love, family and human connection – lessons which will continue to influence and guide generations ahead. Matthew will forever remain part of our hearts & lives!

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