Jerry Lopez Obituary What Was The Cause Of Death Of Jerry Lopez?

Join us as we honor Jerome Dennis Lopez (Jerry), born November 29 1953 and passing peacefully away on December 25, 2022 after suffering brief illness. Come explore Jerry’s life story as well as its effect on family members and close acquaintances alike.

Who Was Jerry Lopez?

Jerry, born Jerome Dennis Lopez, was an integral member of our society who brought joy and laughter wherever he went. Before exploring all aspects of his life, let’s get acquainted with who lies beneath this name.

A Life Well Lived in New Mexico

Jerry hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico where he attended high school before going on to complete one year at New Mexico Highlands University before making the leap into joining his family business specializing in auto body painting. So what have his early experiences shaped and motivated his decision to join this enterprise?

Travel Tips and Info for Las Cruces, Texas

In 1984, Jerry took an exciting new step by moving to Las Cruces. There he began work for the City of Las Cruces gas department as a meter reader – eventually dedicating 25 years of service as Leak Survey Tech until retiring as Leak Survey Tech himself. But how exactly did his professional journey unfold and what contributions did it make towards bettering his community through work?

The Joy of Retirement

Jerry’s retirement marked an exciting and fulfilling period in his life. He took pleasure in participating in numerous activities and hobbies that brought him happiness, such as golf (his friends nicknaming him “J-LO”) with an 18 handicap handicap score! What other pursuits kept Jerry busy throughout retirement years?

A Passion for Outdoor Activity

Jerry had an immense love of nature. He enjoyed engaging in activities such as fishing, boating and hunting with his siblings – activities which only strengthened their bonds while broadening his perspective of it all. How have these outdoor adventures strengthened Jerry’s affinity towards nature and expanded upon it in terms of both relationships with family members as well as strengthening them?

Cherished Family Memories

Jerry had an extraordinary love and connection for his family. For 42 years he shared an unbreakable bond with Sylvia Lauer; their union gave rise to daughter Sheila Lauer Gonzalez and son-in-law Abe Gonzalez as well as three beautiful granddaughters Stephanie Gonzalez, Joey Gonzalez and Demetria Sophia Gonzalez whom were his true joy in life. What were some of his special family connections and how did they bring such happiness?

A Passion for Music and Impersonation

Jerry had one of his unique skills down pat: impersonating Elvis Presley with such authenticity that it left an impactful impression. This artistic gift added entertainment and joy into both Jerry’s life as well as those he touched, including himself.

Jerry Lopez leaves an unforgettable legacy of love, laughter and unforgettable memories to his loved ones and community alike. His infectious laugh will be sorely missed by all. How are his loved ones grieving the passing of such an exceptional individual?

Services in Remembrance of Jerry

Jerry Lopez will be remembered at services to commemorate his life held Monday, January 16th at Holy Cross Church at 1327 N Miranda St in Dallas. Services begin with a Rosary at 10 AM followed by Catholic Mass; his remains will be interred at Holy Cross Columbarium following which, there will be a Memorial Reception hosted at 514 North Main. How will these memorial services honor Jerry’s life while offering comfort to his loved ones?

Honoring Jerry’s Legacy

Jerry’s family has requested donations be made in his memory to Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity as an act of thanks and tribute, emphasizing his dedication to charitable efforts. How can those wishing to honor Jerry continue his legacy by contributing to this organization and keeping up his work of giving back?

Jerry Lopez lived a life that epitomized love, laughter and family bonds. From Albuquerque to Las Cruces via outdoor adventures and music; to his connections with loved ones; his spirit will live on within those whom he touched forevermore. Jerry will forever remain an inspiration as one who touched so many lives during his lifetime – as husband, father, grandfather and friend alike.

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