Child With Autism Goes Missing: Recent Events Involving An Autistic Boy Of Seven-Years-Old Age

Recent events involving an autistic boy of seven-years-old age wandering off from school have created serious distress, prompting Ontario Autism Coalition to press for a comprehensive investigation. The incident highlights both the necessity for robust safety protocols in schools as well as greater challenges encountered by special-needs learners in Ontario’s educational system.

Neelam Rasheid experienced every parent’s nightmare on January 9, when she received an email from Zak’s school informing her of his absence, starting a terrifying ordeal of alarming safety breaches at school premises; Zak, with limited verbal ability and who needs constant supervision had left wearing nothing but his T-shirt in an intense winter storm.

How Did Zak Get Found?

A concerned neighbor that Rasheid now considers to be her son’s “guardian angel,” saw Zak wandering alone through wooded areas nearby her house and intervened quickly, finding him near a busy four-lane road, cold, wet, shivering and having been outside in the cold for approximately 35 minutes–well beyond what had initially been reported by school authorities as his time outside was running out.

School Response and Parent Outrage

This incident has provoked shock and outrage within the community, particularly among parents with special needs children. Rasheid was once confident in trusting that her son Zak would be protected yet his safety remains compromised due to inadequate protection provided by school despite having his own EA as well as specific protocols in place in cases such as these. Rasheid now views its failure to adequately shield him as evidence that safety measures for vulnerable students may not work effectively enough or enforced adequately by administrators.

What Are the Implications?

Unfortunately, Durham District School Board’s response of regretting this situation and undertaking to review safety protocols fails to ease parental anxiety and advocates of children with autism in education settings; rather it reveals an urgent and substantial gap in protecting autistic students within educational systems requiring urgent action plans from administrators and policy-makers alike.

Why Does Ontario Autism Coalition Urge an Investigation?

mes The Ontario Autism Coalition’s call for investigation of this incident stems not just from seeking accountability but from making sure a similar breach does not reoccur. Educational institutions must prioritize protecting children with special needs who may lack voice of advocacy themselves – this case highlights this need. Furthermore, stricter oversight, training for school personnel and implementation of safeguard measures is urgently required in order to keep students safe.

What’s Next for Zak and Others Like Him?

For Zak, and many other children with autism, their right to an appropriate educational environment cannot be compromised. Unfortunately, Rasheid family’s distressful experience serves as a stark reminder of vulnerabilities existing and work that remains to ensure schools provide safe havens for all learners. With community advocates rallying behind change and accountability initiatives across Ontario schools in an attempt to address such incidents more directly – it would be ideal if this incident could serve as the catalyst to make meaningful improvements regarding safety for these special needs students across Ontario schools (and beyond! ).


Zak’s departure from school serves as an eye-opener to our educational system, underscoring its need for improved safety measures, accountability measures, and special needs support services. While investigations continue into his disappearance from class, it’s vital that those directly impacted have their voices heard as concrete measures are implemented to prevent similar incidents in future occurrence. Ensuring safety for our most vulnerable students must always remain top priority and this incident serves as a stark reminder of that.

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