Aura Bora Shark Tank What Is Aura Bora Net Worth, How Did Aura Bora Start?

Aura Bora stands out in a highly-competitive beverage market often described as the graveyard for once promising brands, having managed to carve out an identity for itself and attract the notice of sharks on popular TV show Shark Tank. Let’s dive into what sets Aura Bora apart and its performance during Shark Tank episodes.

What Sets Aura Bora Apart in the Beverage Industry?

Aura Bora stands out in an otherwise competitive beverage sector by offering herbal, zero-calorie and sugar-free sparkling water that blends real herbal extracts, fruits and flowers into delicious taste sensations like Cactus Rose, Lemon Grass Coconut, Peppermint Watermelons Lavender Cucumbers Basil Berries; their refreshing offerings set them apart in a market saturated by artificially flavored products loaded with artificial ingredients and unnecessary calories.

How Did Aura Bora Commence Its Journey?

Aura Bora can trace its beginnings back to Paul Voge’s personal experiences as its founding. Paul’s family were never fond of drinking sodas but instead enjoyed sipping on fizzy water instead, adding excitement and adventure into an otherwise dull day of schoolwork and work in finance where Paul consumed considerable quantities. From then onward, Paul enjoyed making fizzful beverages like Aura Bora his drink of choice! Interestingly enough, these experiences inspired Aura Bora itself!

Paul and his wife made a breakthrough with their purchase of a SodaStream machine, beginning experimenting with various fresh herbs and fruits to develop new flavors in-home – creating what would later become Aura Bora.

What Challenges Did Aura Bora Face in the Market?

Its Breaking into any new industry presents its share of unique hurdles; for Aura Bora, these included standing out among established players backed with significant marketing budgets for advertising and distribution; they needed a unique selling proposition that differentiates them from competitors; naturally-flavored sparkling water provided a perfect platform to do that.

How Did Aura Bora Do on Shark Tank?

Aura Bora’s journey was markedly altered when its founders decided to present their beverage brand on Shark Tank for consideration by investors and Sharks alike. Although beverage businesses typically fail quickly due to a high failure rate within this sector, Aura Bora managed to capture their attention and spark investment interest among many Sharks in spite of this general misgivings about them due to high failure rates within industry – Aura Bora managed to draw their interest nonetheless!

Kevin O’Leary’s offer was met with harsh opposition by Robert Herjavec’s Sharks who labeled his offer as miserable; yet Robert Herjavec stepped in with an investment and believed in Aura Bora brand’s founders which provided much-needed financial and emotional relief to them both financially and morally.

What Makes Aura Bora Products Unique?

Aura Bora products stand out due to the ingredients and flavors it utilizes – real herbal extracts combined with natural flavors extracted from fruits and flowers provide its appeal for health-minded consumers, especially when combined with zero calories and no sugar consumption – an appealing combination that appeals to a market increasingly wary of sugary drinks.

What Are Aura Bora’s Future Prospects?

Aura Bora looks optimistic for growth with Shark Tank backing and an established market niche. Consumer preference towards healthier beverages provides fertile ground to expand product lines and market reach while still upholding product quality and uniqueness while expanding. The difficulty will lie in keeping these features whilst scaling up.


Aura Bora’s journey in the beverage industry stands as testament to innovation and staying true to one’s vision. While many similar businesses have failed, Aura Bora stands out with unique products and an understanding of its target audience that sets it apart. Through strategic innovations and continued improvement efforts, Aura Bora can hope not just survive but flourish amid fiercely competitive industry landscape.

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