Angus Lawson Obituary Who Is Angus Lawson? How He Die? Cause of Death?

Angus Lawson was an honored member of St. Petersburg community until his passing away at Bayfront Medical Center on November 22, 2022. Born and raised here, Angus Lawson was the son of The Very Rev. LeRoy D. Lawson – first Dean of Saint Peter’s Episcopal Cathedral from 1966 -1981 – and Dorothy Lawson; Angus Lawson’s life demonstrated both commitment to community involvement as well as dedication towards his family.

What Contributions Did Angus Lawson Provide In His Professional Career?

Angus Lawson was known for his unwavering dedication to service during his professional journey. Starting off at Florida Ambulance as an employee who dedicated themselves to aiding those in times of need; then transitioning into working tirelessly at Pinellas County Tax Collector’s Office until his retirement; his work ethic and public service dedication had an indelible mark on those around him and in his community he served.

What Was Angus Lawson’s Family Life Like?

Angus Lawson found great comfort and happiness in the love and companionship he found with Rosalie Custode Lawson for 49 years, in an marriage marked by commitment, mutual respect, and an active membership at St. Raphael Catholic Church where both were active participants. They raised two sons – William Spencer II (Willie) Lawson, Jr and Christopher Jerome Lawson who now carry forward the family legacy in their individual lives.

Who Are Angus Lawson’s Surviving Family Members?

Angus Lawson is remembered fondly and revered by his family: William Spencer II of Dubuque, IA is living with Ellen Marie Purtell Spencer while Christopher Jerome Lawson of St Petersburg FL lives with Christine Monk Lawson; as well as five grandkids including Alexander Lucas Carter Ashton Annabelle who were all proud grandchildren to have known their grandfather Angus Lawson personally and will carry forward his spirit and legacy for future generations to enjoy.

How Has Angus Lawson Contributed to His Community?

Angus Lawson was not only active within his professional and family lives; he was an integral member of his community as a whole. Angus Lawson’s involvement at St. Raphael’s Catholic Church extended beyond membership; rather he played an essential part in church activities as an active supporter and contributor. Angus Lawson provided inspiration and guidance for many in need throughout his lifetime.

What Are The Details Of Visitation And Funeral Services?

As part of Angus Lawson’s celebration and legacy, visitation will take place Sunday from 2-4 pm at Anderson McQueen Family Tribute Center (2201 Dr. Martin Luther King Street North in St Petersburg). On Monday at 11 am St Raphael Catholic Church (1376 Snell Isle Boulevard St Petersburg). These services provide the chance for friends, family members, and members of his community to gather together during this difficult time by commemorating Angus Lawson and providing one another support during this difficult time of mourning.

Where Is Angus Lawson Buried?

Following his funeral mass, Angus Lawson will be laid to rest at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park in Clearwater. Here his loved ones may visit and pay their respects as we remember his life and its impact on all those he touched – an appropriate tribute in such an idyllic location such as Sylvan Abbey that represents both peace and dignity he brought into others lives as he went about living his own.

What Will be Angus Lawson’s Long Term Legacy?

Angus Lawson lived his life characterized by unwavering commitment to family, career and community. His legacy will serve to inspire and influence those whose lives he touched; serving as an example for community involvement, professional dedication and the strength of family bonds that endure beyond this life’s span. Angus Lawson will forever remain remembered in our hearts!

Angus Lawson lived a meaningful and fulfilling life that will live on in generations to come. With each memory we recall him we see how one individual’s acts of kindness, faith, and dedication touched so many. What an impressive legacy for his loved ones and community.

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